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You are a company and you want to engage with Jellyfishhh?

You are a business who would like to become engaged with Jellyfishhh?

Jellyfishhh will deploy within your company community (employees, customers, partners, suppliers, etc.) a program over several months, to collectively collect litter as a citizen project, a sustainable action and make this gesture, a natural and reflex behavior over time.

Beyond the commitment to the Planet, it is also an excellent way to strengthen team cohesion, give meaning, work on the collective or even attract and retain talent around CSR.  

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With our equipment kits, our App and the possibility to create litter-collection events for your employees or your clients, we present to you :

  • Communication tools to increase the commitment of your employees

  • A tool to manage your activity and let people know about the impact of your company;

  •  A group project that will unite your employees or your customers and give them meaning;

  • An environmental and civic cause that is accessible, tangible and measurable;

  • Social engagement for immediate impact, that is both local and long-term.


If 10 of your employees collect one piece of waste per day for one year, 3,650 pieces of waste will disappear from nature. And you will be the one to start this citizen movement.


We told you, immediate effect and without blabla!

Our first collection: "CleanWalk 2022"

Designed to be easily carried, foldable, non-soiling, reusable and of course designed and manufactured locally and environmentally friendly. 

  • The JellyBag 

  • The JellyGlove  

  • And the JellyClam


They believe in us. 

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