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"The solution that creates jobs to collect wild waste in nature."

"Unlocking Opportunities: Empowering Businesses Committed to Alleviating Poverty in Africa while Safeguarding Biodiversity."

Jelly'Up arose from a dual observation! On one hand, we have developing countries that are disproportionately affected by litter, with significant consequences for the environment and public health. On the other hand, within these very same countries, we see that local populations endure a lack of employment opportunities and economic prospects."

It is from these realities that Jelly'Up was born, with a bold ambition: to combine positive environmental impact with the creation of sustainable jobs.

How? By mobilizing private enterprises to finance the creation of jobs dedicated to collecting wild waste in developing countries.

"By joining Jelly'Up, you actively contribute to the preservation of biodiversity while providing vital economic opportunities to local populations. Our holistic approach allows us to achieve two goals at once: creating employment to clean up nature from litter.

Imagine a future where every piece of wild waste collected creates employment, where developing countries transform into models of sustainability and prosperity. With Jelly'Up, it is possible. Together, we are building an inclusive circular economy, where resources are valued, the environment is preserved, and local communities experience an improved quality of life.

Join Jelly'Up today and together, let's create a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

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