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Do something simple and easy for the Planet.

We have all come across a piece of waste that was not in its place, without knowing what to do with it. A packaging in the middle of nature, an open-air dump on the side of the road, cigarette butts on the beach, abandoned masks almost everywhere...

We've all experienced it, in sports, in cooking, or in any other field, GOOD equipment changes the game. Jellyfishhh imagined bags, gloves, clips, easily transportable, foldable, and of course non-soiling!

Jellyfishhh gives you all the means to "clean" your favorite places and make it part of your daily routine.

  • Download the application and become ACTIVE!

  • Get in touch with our teams to enjoy a digital space that allows you to organize collective pick-up sessions with your family, friends, neighbors and even with your friends from all over the world. 

  • Talk about Jellyfishhh around you, promote awareness of litter pickup and get your friends, family and business on board. It's thanks to all of us that our planet will be clean again.

  • Get equipped!

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