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Jellyfishhh privacy policy

The information collected via this form is recorded on an electronic file by Jellyfishhh’s SAS, enacted by Mr. Julien Warlouzé, president of the SAS, in order to allow us to measure website traffic and to record information of the website visitors. The legal basis of such processing is: (i) the right to access, correct and erase; (ii) the right to data portability; (iii) the right to limit and oppose the processing of information; (iv) the right not to be the object of a decision founded exclusively on an automated process; (v) the right to determine the fate of this information after death; (vi) the right to seize authority of control. 


The collected information will be communicated to the following designated destinations only: executive direction, commercial direction. 


The information will be retained for 3 years. 


You can access the information concerning you, to correct, request erasure or to exercise your right to limit the processing of your information (according to the legal basis of processing, also to be mentioned: you can, at any moment, retract your consent to the processing of your information, you can equally oppose the processing of your information, and you can exercise your right to the portability of your information). 


For more information on your rights, consult the website: 


To exercise your rights or for any questions on the processing of your information in this structure, you can contact (where appropriate, our delegate of data and information protection or the service in charge of the exercise of these rights):


If you believe, after having contacted us, that your Data Protection (“Information and Freedom”) rights have not been respected, you can directly address a claim to the CNIL. 

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