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Hopscotch Travel x Jellyfishhh, Senegal's Edition! 🇸🇳

On January 7, 2023, around the Lac Rose in Senegal, Hopscotch Travel and Jellyfishhh were mobilized for a wild waste pickup around the lake.

Hopscotch global communication group has been a fervent sponsor since the creation of Jellyfishhh!

On the occasion of a working seminar, the group decided to go to Senegal to help the local fishermen to clean up this emblematic place.

During this pickup, the team managed to collect the equivalent of 60 Jellyfishhh bags, or about 3,600 liters of waste!

A great performance!

This waste was then collected by UCG (Solid Waste Management Coordination Unit) and taken to the Mbeubeuss landfill located in the area of Dakar.

To learn more about the Mbeubeuss landfill, we advise you to follow this link:

UGC has for project to build a site of fixed dustbins in the area of pick-up in order to limit the spread of wild waste and to improve the collection network and the circular economy.

Want to be next? Let's talk about it.

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