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It's time for Jelly'Dry January

For many people, the new year represents an opportunity to start afresh and adopt new lifestyle habits.

Eat healthier, get back to exercising, spend more time with family, and what if this year we included a whole new aspect to our January resolutions... our planet? 🌍

That's why Jellyfishhh is launching the Jelly'Dry January challenge! 🥁

Dry January was originally a public health campaign encouraging people not to drink after New Year's Eve and throughout January.





What better way to start 2023 with a good detox! ✅

And for that we suggest a DRY JANUARY... but this time for the planet!!! 🌍

The challenge: 1 day = 1 piece of litter collected 🚮

We propose 2 challenges with the Jellyfishhh app, with beautiful ethical and solidarity rewards from our partners! 🎉

🏆 Will be on the podium:

  • The most consistent throughout the month, not a day missed between January 03 and 31!

  • The organizers of collective JellyEvent gathering the most people.

To participate in the challenge, nothing more simple:

Either you take up the One Waste a Day Challenge!

  • Download the App

  • Create your account

  • Flash and categorize each piece of waste collected, your counter is running!

Or you create your Jelly'Event !

  • Download the App

  • Create your account

  • Organize your JellyEvent

  • Then share it around you ! Family, friends, neighbors !

We are expecting many of you in January 2023!

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