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World Clean Up Day, what is it ?

A day that unites millions of volunteers, organisations and governments around the world against waste problem (abandoned waste, single-use waste, marine debris...).

It's World Clean Up Day and this year it's on Saturday 17 September!

For this occasion, many awareness and collection events are organized all over the world.

The ambition is to mobilise no less than 5% of the world's population for this day and thus, to all together have a real impact on the amount of litter in nature!

Last year in France, 158,000 people took part in 4,000 CleanWalks and collected 615 tonnes of waste! A record that will obviously be broken this year!

And you, what are you doing on September 17th? Are you organizing a collection? Congratulations for your commitment!

We can help you! Jellyfishhh makes its application available for free to all CleanWalks organization. We create your digital event. It's a great way to unite the collectors who are physically present but also those who are at a distance. We provide you with a code that you give to your community so that everyone's collections are counted. Easy ?

What's in it for you? Greater visibility and better coordination thanks to the application. Instant messaging to exchange in real time with other guys, real time location of collected waste, automatic calculation of the total volume of waste collected, and much more, and lots of other options like the possibility to organise challenges!

You want to create your event on the Jellyfishhh application to access all these features? Nothing could be easier, just contact us and we'll take care of everything:

*You want to participate to a collection event on the Jellyfishhh app ? (i) send us an email ( and we'll set up a digital event for you, (ii) download the app (available on the app store and googleplay), (iii) enter the event code we sent you and, in a few clicks, you're ready to start collecting !

*Would you like to find out about CleanWalks in your area?

Go to to access all the information on the events organized in your area.

*If you don't want to do a CleanWalk, but still want to have a constructive look at it, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you!

Go to our JellyQuizz: to share with us the reasons why you don't want to participate and those that could help you to be part of ours!

Together we go further, and with more fun!

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