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Jellyfishhh, a business with a mission

Our goal: to change behaviors regarding abandoned waste and to provide the most appropriate tools for those wishing to clean up the planet.

Tropical Leaves

How it all began…

We are three entrepreneurs with professional backgrounds that did not necessarily predispose us to environmental engagement. However, we became tired of encountering litter around every corner, whether it be on the way to work or while visiting faraway places, and so we felt the urge to do something about it. 


Deeply moved by the concept of “plogging” (individual litter collection), we questioned the barriers preventing such a simple, good-sense movement from growing and gaining momentum. And so, we became committed to finding a people-oriented solution.


This is when we realised that the correct equipment and community are key.

This interest and excitement soon became collective. 

Today, Jellyfishhh counts on a committed board, composed of several business-owners and senior executives, who are also convinced of the power of simple solutions.


A group of passionate people rendering accessible, multiplying, raising awareness, sharing, cleaning, protecting and connecting as many projects as possible.

A vision of unity gathers us

Our vision is simple: Increase the collection of litter and abandoned waste everywhere on the planet. Jellyfishhh's goal is to support the associations involved on the field by providing resources in places of the world where resources are limited and waste is everywhere.

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