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La foire aux questions!

  • Quelle est la mission de Jellyfishhh ?
    Notre mission est de lutter contre la pollution en collectant les déchets sauvages tout en offrant des opportunités d'emploi aux personnes en situation précaire. Nous aspirons à un monde où la protection de l'environnement va de pair avec la création d'emplois.
  • Comment fonctionne Jelly'Up ?
    Vous optez pour une formule d'abonnement qui génère de l'impact social et environnemental mais contribue également à créer de l'impact pour votre entreprise.
  • It's not my trash, why would I pick it up?
    Without going into considerations of citizenship and collective responsibility, you would be surprised because it is perhaps your waste that you come across. And yes, litter is not always the work of the untrained, a lot is actually moved by the wind. The vast majority of waste treatment sites are equipped against this phenomenon, but a lot of waste still escapes each year during collection, transport, sorting, etc. Also, have you ever lost a mask, a piece of paper, a scarf without realizing it? It happens to all of us. So let's pick up what others have misplaced. Finally, however waste ends up in the wrong place, we all pay the consequences. From the ground to the oceans, pollutants, micro-particles and plastics are everywhere, and end up on our plates. Don't feel like eating a reduced-particle candy bar wrapper? So pick it up. Don't wait for someone else to do it for you.
  • Comment puis-je participer à une collecte de déchets avec Jellyfishhh ?
    Pour participer à une collecte de déchets avec Jellyfishhh, vous pouvez souscrire à l’un de nos événements Jelly'Event. Ces actions sont ouvertes aux entreprises souhaitant agir pour l'environnement.
  • Comment Jellyfishhh mesure-t-il son impact environnemental et social ?
    Nous mesurons notre impact à travers plusieurs indicateurs clés, tels que le nombre d'emplois créés, le nombre de personnes bénéficiant de ces emplois, les volumes de déchets collectés et recyclés, ainsi que l'impact sur les émissions de gaz à effet de serre.
  • Quels sont les avantages pour mon entreprise de s'engager avec Jellyfishhh ?
    En vous engageant avec Jellyfishhh, votre entreprise démontre son engagement envers l'environnement et les populations défavorisées. Vous bénéficiez également de contenus média pour valoriser votre démarche et sensibiliser votre audience.
  • Why is litter problematic?
    Most litter is not biodegradable, which means it will take years (hundreds for some!) to disappear. Attacked by water, wind, snow, animals, etc. they will decompose little by little, very slowly. The materials that make them up - plastics, dyes, chemicals, etc. - will therefore be found in water, soil, air or even living animals. By drinking polluted water or eating contaminated fruits, vegetables, meat or fish, we in turn ingest these pollutants. It is therefore not only a question of cleaning up the Planet by picking up the waste scattered in Nature, but also and above all of taking care of our long-term health.
  • Comment Jellyfishhh assure-t-il la traçabilité des déchets collectés ?
    Jellyfishhh travaille en étroite collaboration avec les centres de tri locaux pour collecter, trier et recycler les déchets.
  • Why equip yourself? isn't a trash bag enough?
    Yes, a garbage bag is good enough, but with Jellyfishhh we choose not to encourage the use of polyethylene bags because they represent a major source of pollution. Jellyfishhh provides you with all-purpose equipment that allows you not to get your hands dirty and not to use a plethora of plastic bags to throw only a few packaging or cigarette butts encountered at random during your travels. We have designed bags, gloves and accessories, adapted to your everyday life. They are non-tearable, durable, easy to store, non-messy. We believe that as in all areas, equipment is key. The same way your state-of-the-art hiking boots make you want to hike, our kits will make you want to pick up the litter you come across and get in your way every day. Because not only are they practical, but you'll be proud to wear them.
  • Why an app?
    We know that the power of a united and motivated community is incredible. This is why we offer a free app, available on Apple and GooglePlay where it will be possible to: - characterize the waste found and collected using photos - find out about the subject - track its impact (by regularly recording the “litres” collected – our bags are designed to give you this indication) - geolocate and share places suitable for collecting - create and share collection events in groups, public or private - raise awareness among municipalities and brands - be rewarded for your commitment with coupons from partners committed to the Planet (and virtuous!) By taking photos of the waste and locating and recording the volumes you collect, you become an actor on a larger scale by helping us to campaign with brands and communities.
  • Do I need to have the equipment to use the   application?
    No, the app is available to you now. It will allow you to familiarize yourself with the subject and to create or participate in fundraising events organized near you. You will also be able to geolocate the "black spots" that you notice during your travels and thus inform other Jellyfishhhers of the collection needs.
  • And associations in all this?
    Our action supports the work already undertaken by many associations. They raise awareness, unite, engage, mobilize. We make it easier for them, by increasing the number of volunteers on a daily basis as well as by sharing on the same application all the best in terms of "plogging".
  • There are already many collective collection initiatives, which in particular provide trash bags and gloves, what is the added value of Jellyfishhh?
    We are not intended to replace associations, we want to be at their side and amplify their action. Our innovation is "usual": the gesture already exists, but we want to democratize it and put it within everyone's reach; remove the obstacles that prevent this so natural and simple gesture from being done, by offering tools that will develop new cleanliness reflexes, easy, non-messy, non-binding.
  • The "CSR" offer to companies is already well provided, why commit to Jellyfishhh?
    Beyond the usual benefits of image, CSR commitment, reinforcement of the employer brand, Jellyfishhh is a solution for employees - whatever their roles and responsibilities - and customers, to clean up the Planet. It is concrete, local and has an immediate impact. It's just common sense to spread as widely as possible. A company is in our eyes a community of Humans committed to a common cause, we suggest that you add that of cleaning up the Planet to your initial mission! And what a pleasure to feel useful!
  • The app rewards? How does it work?
    This feature will be available soon! Because yes, we want everyday heroes to be rewarded for their commitment. This is why we are preparing a system of "coupons" which will allow you to benefit from unique advantages with companies selected for their ethical commitments. Everyone wins, starting with the Planet!
  • What happens to the collected waste?
    For the time being, they will go back to the current collection and processing system. On the other hand, before depositing the collected waste in a municipal dumpster or in your usual garbage can, we invite you to photograph and characterize what you have collected. Not only will this allow us to identify the collected volumes of such and such materials and to think of new treatment systems, but together we will also be able to alert brands to the repeated presence of their packaging and products in nature. Inform, communicate, measure, so many levers available to all of us to change things!
  • Why "Jellyfishhh"? Passion for jellyfish?
    Well yes!! Did you know that jellyfish mucus is a natural filter, able to rid the water of nanoparticles. When we know that this plastic pollution is a real scourge for our environment, it's not nothing!
  • Le sac est-il lavable ?
    Bien sûr! Nos matériaux ont été pensés pour vous faciliter la vie. Un coup d'éponge ou un nettoyage plus profond en machine vous aideront à garder vos équipements le plus longtemps possible. Pour préserver notre planète, nous vous recommandons de limiter au maximum les lavages en machine. A vos éponges donc! ;)
  • Où puis-je trouver l'application ?
    Notre application est disponible gratuitement sur Apple Store et Play Store. Cliquez sur nos icônes en bas de page pour être automatiquement redirigés.
  • Quid de la R&D chez Jellyfishhh?
    Nous travaillons selon le principe d'amélioration continue. Nos recherches, vos retours, les évolutions technologiques nous permettent de constamment repenser notre offre et nos outils. Notre petite taille nous permet également une grande agilité. N'hésitez pas à nous faire part de vos idées, elles seront toujours écoutées!
  • Comment puis-je contacter Jellyfishhh pour poser d'autres questions ?
    Vous pouvez nous contacter via notre site internet, en utilisant l'onglet “contactez nous”. Nous sommes disponibles pour répondre à toutes vos questions et discuter d'éventuelles collaborations.
  • Quelles sont les zones géographiques couvertes par Jellyfishhh ?
    Actuellement, Jelly’Up est présente en Afrique du Sud et en Côte d’Ivoire. Notre ambition est mondiale, et dès que l’occasion se présente nous sommes en capcité d’ouvrir un nouveau pays. En parallèle avec Jelly’Event nous opérons en Europe pour sensibiliser vos collaborateurs ou vos clients.
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